Inform S.M. of ANY conflicts with rehearsals or performances.


DO NOT BE LATE! Be at least 10 minutes early for rehearsal. You should be ready to walk on stage when the rehearsal starts.

– Maintain your script – write down all blocking notes and changes, script alterations, french scenes, character notes, etc. If you don’t write it all down when it happens, you’ll have to ask the S.M. later which will waste everyone else’s time.

– Phone S.M. or A.S.M. if delayed.

– LISTEN  – write things down – notes, dates, everything!

– Any problems, bring them to your S.M., don’t complain to your fellow actors about them. They’ve got their own problems.

– No talking in the rehearsal area.

– No friends or family at rehearsal unless with the S.M. or Director’s previous permission.


 – No smoking, drinking or eating on stage.

Never touch anything in the props cabinet unless it’s given to you by the props person.

– DO NOT DIRECT FELLOW ACTORS. This is a very noxious habit that is appreciated by no one. If you have suggestions, make them to the Director via the S.M. or A.S.M.

–  Be available for the needs of the costume department (measurements and fittings), publicity photo sessions and other events as needed.

– Actors and crew are required to maintain a personal cleanliness.

– Don’t leave your makeup to the last minute! It’s a major factor in the depth and quality of the character you create.


– Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the show. Makeup call is always one hour before curtain.

– Listen to what’s happening on stage : beware of quiet moments. Be quiet backstage at all times.

– Be ready for your entrance. Don’t make the S.M. or A.S.M. come looking for you or they will become enraged.

– Please pick up after yourself backstage and in the dressing room.

– Stay clear of crew during set changes. You should NEVER be in the wings unless you have an entrance or you’re assisting the crew.


 – Bring any problems to the S.M. Don’t try to solve them yourselves.

NO ONE other than cast and crew backstage during the show

– Please do not chew gum in the wings. Either you go on with it in your mouth and garble your lines, or you stash it in the wings and it gets on a costume (of someone who already thinks you’re out to get them).

– Don’t let yourself get run down. Take care of your health. Start taking multiple vitamins and vitamin C at least four week before the show starts.

– No part is a “small” part; everyone is an integral part of the finished product and should strive for excellence.

– Be considerate of your fellow actors. Every actor has their own way of warming up. Many prefer not to be spoken to during this period.