The producer is responsible for all tasks involved in the physical realization of the production on stage (as opposed to the “artistic” element under the control of the Director). These duties include but are not limited to…

  •  First reading ‑ makes sure scripts, pencils, markers, tape, etc have been given to S.M.
  •  Tracks all finances, follows the budget. This person is responsible for staging the show within the agreed budget. If necessary to spend in excess of the approved budget, such expenditures must be approved by the Board.
  •  Confers with director EARLY regarding acquisition of personnel, beginnings of set design, costumes, etc
  • Confers with the stage manager EARLY regarding generation of prop, costume and sound effect plots, and makes sure the various people are on it.
  •  Acquires outside rehearsal space, if needed.
  •  Takes charge of oddball needs assigned at conference.
  •  Once set design and costume designs have been approved, producer makes sure they’re staying on schedule.
  •  Is responsible, with stage manager, for making sure strike and clean up occurs, and that everything is put away!
  •  You are responsible for the legal minors in your cast and crew. This is a very serious responsibility, and unfortunately, it’s yours and the stage managers. Parties, obviously, are your main problem.
  • Arranges for crew, if requested by S.M.
  • Calls and presides over regular production meetings (full‑scale or specific) in consultation with the Director.
  • Acquires keys from keymaster, and returns them after the production.

One of the Producers’ most important jobs is to promote Company spirit. A good suggestion is party’s !!! Nothing like some socializing to encourage bonding.

If requested by director, acquires crew

‑ T.D.

‑ lighting

‑ props

‑ sound

‑ stage crew, etc

  • Meets with the director, assembles program, gets it to the layout person and then to the printer.
  • Supplies box office with an official comps list.
  • Does any competition paperwork CTC and TBC.
  • Makes sure all advertising is done
  • P. R. person

Makes sure that…×

  • sign is changed
  • posters are up
  • all paper ads are placed
  • all paper handouts in
  • answering machine message

Area’s of responsibility ‑ do or assign

  • All personnel and designs
  • Programs
  • Posters
  • Ushers
  • Lobby decorations
  • Concession
  • Strike and cast party

The producer has the added problem of being the person who has to start everything off. This person has to make the initial arrangements, and frequently has no one to check with. This is not a job that should be undertaken lightly!