SM Check List

Stage Management Check List

Front Of House – house clean – pre show lights and sound ready – lights checked – stage clean – warning signs – advise FOH re: house opening time

Check in – 7 pm – all cast and crew checked in

Communications – headsets, program sound, talkback, all backstage speakers – everyone reported in

Props – all props checked – prop tables inspected – props operator ready – hand props given to actors if necessary

Costumes – costumes in dressing rooms checked – onstage costumes/ dressing areas checked – dressers ready

Back stage/wings inspected – ropes coiled and stored on pin rails – all equipment stowed – all garbage cleared – any costume grabbing obstructions removed or blocked off

Stage inspected – all spikes in place – set and floor cleaned and dusted – all safety features (sandbags, cleats etc) checked – stage props in place – drapes placed correctly – main curtain checked

Stage practicals tested – doorbell – telephone – lighting practicals bulbs checked

F/X (special effects) – pyro charges made and placed – fog machine warming up and placed – special lights (black light) warming up

Dressing rooms visited – instructions/ notes to actors – warm up – monitors checked

30″ – stage empty – run pre show lights – run preshow sound – house open – 30″ warning to cast and crew

15″ – quiet in wings – work lights off – blue lights on – backstage heater off – house fans off – ceiling vents open/closed

5″ – places please, act I starters