Technical Director

  •  Is responsible for all technical aspects and effects in show.
  • Acquires lighting person.
  • Oversees designing and hanging lighting plot.
  • Arranges for operators and a lighting script unless a separate lighting designer is used.
  • Acquires a sound person.
  • Assures sound production is done early, so actors can practice timing with actual effects.
  • Supplies operator and a sound script.
  • Builds and runs (if requested) any special effects required.
  • Acquires any lighting and sound materials needed

         – gels and bulbs

         -blank tape, records/C.D.’s if still used

  • Another important aspect of this job, is making sure all techies actually know their job. Many think they do, but don’t!
  • If T.D. is not used, these same requirements apply to the lighting and sound designers. Special effects become the headache of the S.M.