•  Check both washrooms for paper towels and toilet paper.
  • Check flashlight and get programs ready.
  • Insure that no food or drink is allowed inside the auditorium except water.
  • One usher MUST be in the foyer at all times to help patrons down the stairs with your flashlight if they leave during the show.
  • After the performance

– pick up all trash, empty ash trays, etc

– vacuum

– empty garbage


Your job is to make the audience comfortable and help them to enjoy the show. This includes stopping other audience members that are creating a disturbance. This includes …

  • people talking
  • children being noisy
  • babies crying
  • flash camera’s

As much as you may not like it, your job is to quietly go to those people and silence them, or ask them to leave. The other audience members cannot enjoy the show and the actors cannot properly do their jobs.

It’s difficult to stress how important the FOH manager, concession volunteers and the ushers are. You are our sole one‑on‑one contact with the public. It is critically important you smile and make people feel really welcome. When they’re leaving, thank them for coming, ask them if they liked the show. If they didn’t, ask them what they didn’t like, and tell them you’ll pass on their concerns to the executive.