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FYI This site is primarily for community theatre, but I do report auditions for semi pro companies. Many of these companies I do not know, so be careful.

Hunchback of Notre Dame Panto
Company: White Rock Players
Artistic Team: Alex Lowe, Rachael Carlson, Marquis Byrd, Ann-Marie Zak
Audition Date: Tuesday August 29th, 2017
Audition Time: 7pm – 9pm
Audition Address: Coast Capital Playhouse. 1532 Johnston Rd, White Rock.
Production Dates: Late November through December
Looking to Cast:
Pheobus: Captain of the Guard. Very heroic (in his eyes). Thinks highly of himself and cares a lot about social standing. Engaged to Fleur-de-lys but fancies Esmeralda. Good comedic actor required.
Fleur-De-Lys: Long suffering fiance of Captain Pheobus. Wants him way more than we wants her. She is constantly vying for Pheobus’s attention. Think reverse “Pepe le Pew.” Strong physical comedy required.
These are both highly physical roles! Improvisers, clowns, acrobats and circus welcome!
– Please prepare a short acapella musical theatre song.
– Cold reads will be emailed upon submission
– Rehearsals will begin the second week of September.
– Cast members located in Vancouver will be able to participate in ride shares to the theatre
– This is a non-equity production.
– Please email headshot and resume to

Production Title: August Osage County
Company: White Rock Players’ Club
Director: Ryan Mooney
Producer: Kate Stadel and Thomas Gage
Playwright: Tracey Letts
Audition Dates: August 20th 2pm-5pm
September 17th 12pm (call backs)

Audition Venue: TBC
Additional Requirements: Email producer to book an audition time. The audition will consist of cold reads.
Rehearsal Schedule: 8 Table reads will be scheduled between September and February. Dates will be booked based on availability of actors.
Stage rehearsals will begin February 18th and occur every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 5pm-10pm) plus a technical rehearsal the weekend prior to opening.
If the majority of these rehearsal times do not work for you, but you are truly interested in auditioning, please contact us anyway.
Production Dates: April 11-28 2018
Production Venue: Coast Capital Playhouse, White Rock
Contact: Kate Stadel
Beverly Weston – The father of the Weston family, aged 69, an alcoholic and washed-up poet. His mysterious disappearance one evening and eventually discovered death are the reasons for the family’s reunion. The reasons for his implied suicide are a major plot point that bring some of the family’s dark past painfully back into the light.

Violet Weston – The mother of the Weston family, aged 65. Undergoing treatment for oral cancer, she is addicted to several prescription drugs, mostly depressants and narcotics. After an ugly rant at Beverly’s funeral dinner, the family’s focus shifts to keeping her clean. Despite her drug-induced episodes, she is sharp-tongued and shrewd; she is aware of the family’s many secrets and not hesitant to reveal them for her own benefit.

Barbara Fordham – The oldest daughter of the Weston Family, age 46. Mother of Jean and wife of Bill, though they are currently separated. She is a college professor in Boulder, Colorado. She wants to save her marriage, but has the intense need to control everything around her as it falls apart.

Ivy Weston – The middle daughter of the Weston family, age 44. The only daughter to stay in Oklahoma, she works as a librarian at the local college, and her calm and patient exterior hides a passionate woman who is gradually growing cynical. She is secretly having an affair with her “cousin”, Little Charles, and plans to move to New York with him.

Karen Weston – The youngest daughter in the Weston family, age 40. She is newly engaged to Steve, whom she considers the “perfect man”, and lives with him in Florida, planning to marry him soon. Karen can talk of little else but her own happiness even at her father’s funeral, and she clearly chooses to lie to herself about her sleazy fiancé rather than face the reality of not getting a happy ending.

Bill Fordham – Barbara’s estranged husband and Jean’s father, age 49. A college professor, he has left his wife for a younger woman named Cindy, one of his students, but wants to be there for his family. His marriage is disintegrating and his patience is slowly running thin.

Jean Fordham – Bill and Barbara’s smart-tongued 14-year-old daughter. She smokes pot and cigarettes, is a vegetarian, loves old movies, and is bitter about her parents’ split. She is a molestation victim at the hands of her future uncle Steve, but reacts violently to Johnna coming to her rescue.

Steve Heidebrecht – Karen’s fiancé, age 50. A businessman in Florida (whose business, it is hinted, centers around the Middle East and may be less than legitimate), and not the “perfect man” that Karen considers him. He flirts with Jean throughout the play, supplies her with marijuana, and molests her.

Mattie Fae Aiken – Violet’s sister, Charlie’s wife and Little Charles’ mother, age 57. Just as jaded as her sister, Mattie Fae constantly belittles her son and antagonizes her husband. Eventually she reveals the major plot point that Beverly, not Charlie, is the real father of Little Charles.

Charlie Aiken – Husband of Mattie Fae and the presumed father of Little Charles, age 60. Charlie, a genial man, was a lifelong friend of Beverly. He struggles to get Mattie Fae to respect Little Charles.

“Little” Charles Aiken – Son of Mattie Fae and Beverly, 37 years old—but, like everyone else, he believes Charlie is his father. Unemployed and clumsy, his mother calls him a “screw-up”, which may be a self-fulfilling prophecy. He is secretly having an affair with Ivy, who is revealed to actually be his half-sister.

Johnna Monevata – A Cheyenne Indian woman, age 26, whom Beverly hires as a live-in housekeeper shortly before he disappears. Violet is prejudiced against her, but she wins over the other family members with her cooking skills, hard work, and empathy. Johnna is the silent witness to much of the mayhem in the house.

Sheriff Deon Gilbeau – A high-school classmate and former boyfriend of Barbara’s, age 47, who brings the news of Beverly’s suicide to the family.

Written by Linda Sharp and directed by Miles Lavkulich
AUDITION DATES: Sunday, September 10, 1-4 pm
Tuesday, September 12, 7 pm-10 pm
Call backs if needed – TBA
LOCATION: In the Theatre at Hendry Hall, 815 11th Street East, North Vancouver

No appointments necessary: first come, first served.
All must be able to sing (or at least carry a tune), and be able to carry out physical comedy.
Audition will be a cold read provided by the director and a song, either the performers’ choice or one provided by the director.
All songs for the audition will be a cappella.

Starting on Sunday, September 24 and continuing on every Sunday and Wednesday in October.
An additional rehearsal on Tuesdays will be added in November.
Sundays 1–4 pm, Tuesdays 7–10 pm, Wednesdays 7–10 pm.
Not all performers will be required at all rehearsals.
Schedule conflicts will be accommodated as much as possible (with advance notice).

PERFORMANCE DATES: November 30 to December 17, 2017
Performances take place Thursdays & Fridays @ 7 pm, Saturdays and Sundays @ 2 pm & 4 pm

Seasonal fun for the children. Dorothy travels over the mountains to the Magical Land of Oz, the land of self-help. She meets up with the Scarecrow, searching for the perfect diet, the Tin Man, who wants more time, and the Shy Lion, who wants to be an Internet Sensation. But the Yellow Brick Road isn’t an easy path, and they have to deal with the Wicked Witch and many horrible, horrible jokes!

Non-Equity production
Cast and crew will all be required to become paid up members of North Vancouver Community Players ($20 adults, $10 students and children)
All roles are open to both male and female performers
Performers of all ages are encouraged to audition.

Producer Anne Marsh ( or 604-980-5552.

Glitter, the Good Witch/
Construction flag person……………………….. Hippy with a good heart
Wicked Witch of the West (WWOW)………… A fast talker, very business-like, Evil Dame
Dorothy Grail…………………………………………. A farm girl
Toto……………………………………………………… Dorothy’s dog, (a physical comedian)
Scarecrow……………………………………………… A girl or young woman
Tin Man………………………………………………… A man or boy approximately the same age as girl playing Scarecrow
Shy Lion………………………………………………… Lovable fellow
Munchkins/Crows/Tourists……………………… (all played by younger children)
Witch Doctor/Flying Raccoon #1/Bearista…. One actor, any size and type
Prop person/Flying Raccoon #2……………….. All played by another actor, any size, any type
Doctor of Oz………………………………………….. Self help icon with his own problems
Black Sheep…………………………………………… Stage hands/set movers/crowd leaders/general fill in people

735 – 8th Avenue, New Westminster, BC
Royal City Musical Theatre, for its 29th production will be producing CABARET – Book by Joe Masteroff, Based on the play by John Van Druten and Stories by Christopher Isherwood, Music by John Kander, Lyrics by Fred Ebb
Valerie Easton, Director and Choreographer
James Bryson, Musical Director
We are seeking strong singers, actors and dancers for this production.
Show Dates: April 12-29, 2018
At: Massey Theatre, New Westminster, BC
Rehearsals: Wednesday & Thursday Evenings and Sunday daytime, beginning January 2018
Roles Auditioning for: We will be auditioning for roles mentioned and the chorus
Audition Dates: September 17, 24 and October 1st
Callbacks: October 1st
In attendance: Director Valerie Easton and Music Director James Bryson
Audition Location: Auditions to be held at the Massey Theatre, (Band Rooms or Theatre) at 735 – 8th Avenue, New Westminster
Click HERE To Book an Audition.


Aug 31 from 7-9 pm and Sept 9 from 10 am-12 pm

Maple Ridge Leisure Centre Preschool Room
Emerald Pig is currently seeking a variety of talented performers for our upcoming

October Dinner Theatre production: Things That Go Bump in the Night………

Musicians, singers, magicians, poets, actors, storytellers and dancers are all welcome. Bring us your scariest, funniest, Halloweeniest talents and become part of a unique evening of music, magic and mayhem!

Email Sharon Malone for an audition time at

Rehearsals will take place Sunday afternoons in September and October.
Tentative performance dates are Oct 20-21, and 26- 28

Stage 43 presents The Fantasticks
music by Harvey Schmidt & lyrics by Tom Jones, directed by Chalene Scott

THE STORY: A funny, romantic musical about a boy, a girl, and their two fathers who try to keep them apart. The longest running musical in the world!

Location: Studio B Evergreen Cultural Centre, 1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam (adjacent to Douglas-Lafarge Park Skytrain Station)
Saturday, August 19, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Sunday, August 20, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

8 characters – male and female (ages 16 yrs -75 yrs)

Prepare 32-64 bars of a theatre song that you love to sing. Be sure it’s a song you love! Please note that there will not be any musical accompaniment at the audition. You may bring your own recording or choose to sing ‘a cappella’. In addition, please prepare a short memorized melodramatic monologue. Content is at your discretion. Also, bring a résumé and photo to the audition if you have them

January 11-14 and 17-20, 2018. All performances at the Evergreen Cultural Centre, 1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam. BC.

This is a non-equity, community theatre production. For insurance purposes, all cast/crew must become members of Stage 43 at or before the first rehearsal ($20 annual membership fee). Scripts will only be given to members in good standing. Rehearsals will take place 3 times per week at Pinetree Community Centre (Sun afternoons, Mon and Wed evenings) and will likely begin in early October. Please bring a list of dates you are NOT available with you to the audition.

Any questions?

Deep Cove Stage’s Annual Christmas Pantomime

The Grand Old Duke of York

Our always-popular pantomime written by Norman Robbins

Directed by Angie McLeod


Audition Dates and Venue
Tuesday, September 5th at 7-10pm
Meeting Room at Deep Cove Shaw Theatre,
4360 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver and Wednesday, September 6th at 7-10pm

Lions Garey Ham Court, 936 Bowron Court, North Vancouver.
If needed, callbacks will be held on Thursday, September 7th at 7pm
at the Lions Garey Ham Court

We will bring in small groups at a time for up to 15 minutes each.
Each group will learn a short song and dance, and then cold read sides from the script.

Please Bring

  • Headshot and résumé if you have one (not mandatory!)
  • Clothing that is comfortable to move around in
  • If you play a musical instrument that you can bring with you, please do and be prepared to play a song

Please Note

  • Rehearsals will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7-10pm and Sundays 1-4pm at the Lions Hall, starting September 19.
  • This is a non-Equity production
  • All cast members 16 years of age and over will be required to join Deep Cove Stage Society ($10) at the first rehearsal.

Production Dates and Venue
December 15-30, 2017
(fourteen evening performances @ 7:30 pm and four matinées @ 3:30 pm)
In the Deep Cove Shaw Theatre, 4360 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver
Play Description

The Ancient City of York is in trouble! The conniving Baron Snatcher has cancelled the Annual Fayre and banned fun and laughter. Even worse, he is plotting with the Evil Fairy Maleficent to overthrow the Duke and destroy his famous army of Ten Thousand Men. It is up to the gypsy boy, Colin, and a ragged group of misfits to outsmart the villains. With the help of Old Mother Shipton, the good witch, their adventure full of song and dance, silly jokes, and slapstick routines may end with love triumphing over evil.

Note: all characters, except where specified, can be played by any gender
Frederick, the Grand Old Duke of York: The great leader of a famous army, Duke Frederick is actually a very timid, jumpy, eccentric old man who prefers to march and knit rather than fight. A worrier, not a warrior.
Baron Snatcher: A very nasty man who, as High Sheriff of York, bans fun and laughter and plots with the evil fairy Maleficent to overthrow the Duke. He is haughty, condescending and selfish, hated and feared by all.
Pye and Peas: Henchmen of the Baron, they are mean, clumsy and not very bright. They engage in a lot of slapstick humour, with Pye being the butt of most jokes.

Colin: Female. The Pantomime Principal Boy, Colin is the homeless gypsy who arrives in York just in time to team up with the good guys and defeat the villains. He is brave, determined, kind and honourable.

Melody: Female. The Pantomime Principal Girl. Melody is the Grand Duke’s ward, sweet, loving, and kind.

Martha Muffet: Male. Little Miss Muffet who sat on her tuffet is the Pantomime Dame, very silly, bossy and emotional. She has a wicked temper and a sharp tongue.

Tommy Tucker: Engaged to Martha Muffet, Tommy’s cutting humour and laziness drives Martha up the wall. He is always getting in trouble with her, but endears himself to the audience.

Jack and Jill: The teenage city water carriers, they team up with Martha Muffet and Colin to thwart the bad guys. They are friendly and supportive, often the only reason Martha Muffet does not give up.

Old Mother Shipton: The Pantomime Good Fairy, she is an old haggard looking witch with the ability to see the future. She comes and goes mysteriously to give support and wisdom to Colin and the rest of the good guys.

Maleficent: The Pantomime Evil Fairy, she has a very bad temper and has just been woken up by the great army’s marching. Look out, she speaks in rhyme and wants revenge!

The Guardian of the Cave: A terrifying monster.

Soldiers: The famous army of ten thousand men. They are very good at marching, but faint at the idea of going into battle.

Other characters such as citizens of York, castle servants, gypsies, etc. will be played by the soldiers

Questions? E-mail Angie McLeod (