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Community Theatre Coalition

C/O 1803 Lilac Drive White Rock, BC V4A 6C7


This document has some important information for the club president.


This form is used to register your club. You need to return this along with your club’s membership fee, to the CTC at the address shown above by August 31, 2013.


Welcome to the COMMUNITY THEATRE COALITION!  We are looking forward to another year of recognizing and honouring excellence in community theatre.

Enclosed you will find a variety of documents that will be useful to your club throughout the year.  Please remit your cheque with your club registration form as soon as possible to the above address.  This will guarantee your place in the CTC and allow us to move forward with the upcoming season.

We also require a list of your shows and run dates for the next season as soon as possible, especially if you have shows going up during September and October.  We want to get our reps organized and ensure that no shows are missed.

It is each member club’s responsibility to submit the completed nomination forms to the CTC secretary as soon as possible.  A good guideline to follow is to submit the form to the CTC as soon as the production gets on stage.    Please include the correct spelling of names for all cast members and design personnel on your nomination form.  This information will form the nomination ballot and these spellings will be used on the ballots, certificates and awards.

The reason we ask each club to fill in their own nomination information is that programme information is frequently incorrect; only you have the real information for your productions.  If by chance you have a performer or production designer/director who does not wish to be on the ballot, please make that known to the CTC in writing (can be written on the nomination form).

A maximum of two names may be submitted for each of the design categories.

Honorary Awards/Certificate of Merit – The CTC uses this to recognize all aspects of community theatre not covered by our regular award categories.  Honorary Awards are presented for lifetime achievement.  Certificates of Merit are presented for all other categories that deserve recognition.  Certificates of Merit are generated by the adjudicators, not the clubs. This prevents a conflict of interest situation. Either designation can be presented to individuals, clubs or organizations.  We will accept nominations in written form only, from any member, club or adjudicator.  Please include background details with your nomination.  Nomination does not mean an automatic award.  The Board of Governors determines the final decision.

Show Qualification Information – All performances must be within the agreed travel boundaries.  A weekend performance can be either a Friday evening, any time Saturday or any time Sunday.

Normal Qualifications

A minimum of six performances with at least one weekend performance on each of two separate weekends.


Clubs must be located in eligible locations. Click here for a map.

The board reserves the right to act in the manner it deems to be most fair in unusual circumstances.

Reminder:  Royalty agreements usually require acknowledgement of the royalty holder on the front of the program.  It is strongly recommended by the CTC board that each club make sure it acknowledge the company from which it received the royalties preferably on the front cover of your programs.   In addition, we ask ALL member clubs to include the BDO ad into their program.  They volunteer MEGA hours of work tabulating our ballots for nomination night and the awards night and have asked for this SMALL request in kind.  The ad is a business size ad that will be forwarded to each club president as a reminder at the beginning of the season.

Thank you for your on going support of the COMMUNITY THEATRE COALITION.

This promises to be yet another exciting season!




Theatre/Venue Address:          ____________________________________________

Mailing Address:

Reservation Telephone #:

Club President:                                            Telephone:

Club contact person: ______________________Telephone: ____________________

Email Address: (For club contact person) ____________________________________


(Maximum 4 productions. One must be a musical.)


Play Title Category                    (e.g. Drama/Comedy/Musical…)           Run Dates



Please mail with registration fee ($50 per show) to the CTC at

1803 Lilac Drive White Rock V4A 6C7 by August 31.